Platelet Calculator

Platelet Calculator is made to provide easy access to in silico experimentation with calcium dynamics in human platelets.

It allows a user to modify the parameters of platelet activation model developed by A. Sveshnikova et. al., which implements up-to-date concepts of calcium oscillations in platelets activated through PAR1 and PAR4 receptors. Basic concentrations of key metabolites provided are taken from platelet proteome by Burkhart et. al.. The key concept behind the platelet calculator states that concentrations of these metabolites can vary greatly in the cells of patients with deviations of platelet function, so the mission of this software is to provide the tool for studying the calcium dynamics in such cells and effects which calcium dynamics cause.


The quantum of platelet calculator computation result is called Launch. Every user can create his or her own Launch with unique set of parameters in the section Create. One can share the results of calculation with other users by making it public or use it for his or her own needs by keeping it private. Once the Launch is sent to server and calculated, the result which consists of typical calcium dynamics in single cell, average calcium concentration of thousand platelets and the fraction of phoshatidylserine-positive cells per Launch will be present in Home section. Results of the public Launches can be observed at Gallery section.

Further development

We ultimately aim at building the model that will allow one to analyze the platelet response to all physiologically relevant activators. It will make possible to study the role of calcium dynamics in the most important processes that take place during platelet activation, such as shape change, granule secretion and formation of platelet subpopulations.

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